Welcome to Totleigh Barton

Photo : Jim Smart

In March 1998, sixteen intrepid souls made their way to this beautiful old farmhouse in Sheepwash, Devon, England, to attend a five-day songwriting course given by the great Ray Davies of The Kinks.

They had a week they will never forget.  This is their scrapbook.

They were :

Standing (L to R)
Jim Smart from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ginny Dodds from St Paul, Minnesota, USA
(Ray Davies - tutor)
Olga Ruocco Daley from Essex, England
Richard Pearson from St Albans, England
Geoff Lewis from Worcester, England
Bob Joyce from Berkeley, California USA
Fiona Davey from London, England
Glenn Mohr from New York, New York, USA
(Marion Wells - tutor)
William Knight from Croydon, England
(Chef Richard)
(Chef Claire)
Glenda Jayson from Southampton, England
Seated :
James Kaedden from St Paul, Minnesota, USA
Bill Richards from Monroe, Connecticut, USA
Jude Cowan from London, England
Mike Hayden from Stourport, England
Derek Murr from Bingley, England
Mitch Friedman from Brooklyn, New York, USA

They had the pleasure of meeting Amy Shelton and Andy Brown, who run Totleigh Barton so efficiently for the Arvon Foundation, and Marion Wells, who assisted Ray with tutoring. They ate splendidly, thanks to chefs Claire and Richard.

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